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EMI Accepting Demo Submissions

EMI accepts unsolicited material. Prefers the demo to have 3-4 songs on CD or cassette. It may take up to two months for a response, but all demos will be heard and responded to by A&R manager, Bonnie Fedrau.

EMI Publishing also accepts lyrics from songwriters at the following address:
EMI Publishing
119 Spadina Ave, Suite 604
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2L1

416-340-9277 phone
416-340-9286 fax


  1. Hello, my name is Heath Starkey and I am an unsigned artist. I have about 30 songs ready to go, I just need the opportunity to be heard. I have about 5 live recorded songs posted on my website at www. . My phone number is 909-815-4491. My e-mail address is I live in Bloomington, Ca. I would greatly appreciate you listening to them. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, Heath Starkey, unsigned artist.

  2. I have 80 song lyrics 40 in the country rock arena. I paid to have 5 lyrics put to music. of the 5 I have a iTunes contract 2 publishing deals and if I pay 900.00 I would have my 2nd best of demo… and the great news I feel I still have my top 15 left for the stars and growing monthly. jim

  3. I am looking for a music publisher to publish my songs

    I was wondering if EMI publishing takes MP3 submissions.

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