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Song and Music Competition 2001

FREE Contest

Dec. 1, 2000 – AUG. 15, 2001

A chance to win some great prizes AND perform your own “scary” song at the

Halloween MEDIA PARTY 2001
in Hollywood,
October 13, 2001

We will be having a Halloween Party to celebrate our MUSIC HORROR STORIES book (ISBN# 0970356374), being released this spring. Our entertainment will be those who care to come and participate with original, appropriate (spooky) material.

FUN will be the main objective. (Here’s the truth about that . . . our company has been here too long not to produce our projects based on QUALITY and percentage of enjoyment. It’s the way we survive.) All our book authors will be invited, as well as those of you who participate musically (or in any other contributory way), and as much press as Hollywood will give us.

(CURRENT date scheduled is 11/13/01. This may change without warning, but will be posted here if it does. Goodnight Kiss Music is NOT responsible for changes of venue date and/or location, though OBVIOUSLY we will try to be consistent and give everyone plenty of guaranteed notice.)

People keep asking if there will be an album created from this night, or a video. Planning is in the works.

For the contest rules please stop by and visit :

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