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Aaliyah May Be Cut From Matrix



Fans of Aaliyah have asked film-makers Warner Bros not to cut the star from the first ‘Matrix’ sequel.

A petition, currently circulating on the internet, asks the film company to “honour the memory of Aaliyah’s life.”

Warner Bros had originally intended to keep Aaliyah in the film after she was killed in a plane crash last month. However they are now said to be recasting the role.

“The role had to be expanded and they want the character for another sequel,” explained a source.

The role of Zee is now expected to go to singer and actress Brandy though Kid Rock’s ex-girlfriend, model James King, is also a contender.

Meanwhile, criminal charges may now be brought against the owner of the light aircraft in which Aaliyah was killed. Authorities in the Bahamas are considering charging Gilbert Chacon with criminal negligence.

It has also been reported that the flying inspector responsible for giving a licence to the plane’s pilot, has committed suicide. The pilot, Louis Morales, is said to have lied about his flying experience.

Source: Dotmusic

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