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Shania Twain Says Fame, Motherhood Not Hard To Balance



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Shania Twain is finding that managing life as a superstar and mother of an almost-two-year-old son is not all that tough. While she has the help of a nanny on a daily basis, Twain said the balancing act actually feels pretty normal.

“I’m not really finding it all that difficult,” Twain said. “I kind of go with the flow when it comes to life and music. I think it’s because for me, it’s all the same thing. I’ve been doing it from such a young age. Having a child was just something that fell in naturally.”

Twain credits the combination of her slow-building career, which began as a child, and her decision to postpone motherhood until later in life as the key to her personal and professional success. “It’s not like fame and stardom and all of that stuff happened all at once and then all of a sudden I had a child,” Twain said. “It’s all happened very, very gradually over a very long period of time. For instance, I waited to have a child. I’m 37-years-old, so I think I’m at the point of maturity where it’s all falling into a very natural place.”

Twain’s son, Eja, will be two on August 12.

The superstar is gearing up for a new world tour, which is scheduled to kick off this fall.

Twain’s current single, “Forever And For Always,” continues to climb the country charts.

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