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The Future of Home Studio Mastering



By Chris Burnett,

Mastering is usually the final process in bringing a recording project to life. Many artists have often experienced the negative consequences of having their final mixed tracks mastered incorrectly. Incorrectly mastered musical recordings result in extremely unpleasant sonic experiences for the listener. Poor mastering detracts from the actual music and often negates the glorious sounds that were originally produced during the countless hours usually devoted to perfecting the final version of each track.

Har-Bal Harmonic Balancer ( is software that has solved this dilemma for the masses. Here is an economical solution that also takes any guesswork out of the complexities of frequency analysis with regard to recorded music mastering. Another technical consideration that the software solves, involves the inherent physical limitations of most mastering engineers to physically detect certain tonal imbalances in certain frequency ranges.

Introduction To Harmonic Balancing

It is pretty well documented that prolonged periods of listening to improperly mastered recordings usually leads to hearing fatigue that ultimately takes the pleasure out of the listening experience. Harmonic Balancing provides a reliable means of correcting and removing the tonal imbalances inherent in any song, thus producing a more naturally pleasing and agreeable sound to the listening ears. Users of the software report that this new process has demonstrated itself time after time in producing a harmonically balanced sound from one that was wanting. When a song is Harmonically Balanced they state that the effect can be phenomenal.

As an example of what sounds can be impacted by Harmonic Balancing, consider this question: Have you ever been in a club and found yourselves having to literally scream to talk to someone sitting right next to you? Contrast this experience with those times when the music is being played just as loud in volume as the first example, and you never have to strain to speak or be heard.

The question presented in this situation is a typical example of hearing mastered musical recordings where frequencies exist that are in conflict with the natural sound spectrum. Listening to a song that is improperly mastered is often an ultimately irritating experience. Most of the time, in cases like this, the average listener is totally unaware of the cause of such irritation.

How Harmonic Balancing Software Works

Har-Bal Harmonic Balancing software gives any mastering engineer the unique ability to actually see these types of frequency conflicts and initiate the proper steps to correct them. Harmonic Balancing simply brings out more of what an artist wants to present on a final record, without changing the overall song – this is also the same goal for which the process of conventional multi-million dollar studio mastering strives. Har-Bal software simply brings this ability to the home studio engineer as well, and at an economically affordable price.

Many artists today have access to recording production tools and equipment. There are also countless artists who create music that is on par with any being heard in the mainstream music market of today. However, due to deficiencies in the quality of most final mastered recordings, the music of many new artists is often passed over for potential opportunities. An artist, whose technical musical craft is developed to a professional quality, may now consistently produce a recorded product that is technically in keeping with the highest of standards in the recorded music industry.

With its ease of use (and integration) into most of today’s popular computer operating systems, Har-Bal can quickly add the vital professional’s touch to home studio produced recordings, making the best possible sonic impression. With Har-Bal you can literally create a harmonically balanced sound of unparalleled quality one hundred percent of the time. With this software you will be able to create original and re-mastered recordings that rival the best mastering studios the world has to offer.

About the Software

Har-Bal is a commercial shareware software product. Being shareware you can try out the software before you decide to pay for a registered version. Trying out the software allows you to determine whether it suits your needs and whether it runs correctly in your specific environment. The shareware version of Har-Bal is a feature-restricted version of the registered version. The functionality is identical with the exception that no record function is provided and playback is limited to 8-bit resolution. Har-Bal has been specifically designed for use with the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems.

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