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Exclusive Interview with Da Family Recording Artist JoJo



JoJo Hot, Young and Talented : So you’re the young singer that everyone is going crazy over.

JoJo: That’s me. : Yeah, I have only a few questions since I know you’re on a schedule.

JoJo: Why thank you! : You have a new album self-titled Jo-Jo?

JoJo: Yeah it comes out June 22nd. : What made you decide to self-title it being a new unknown artist to those who do not know about you?

JoJo: Basically because I’m a new artist and I want people to be familiar with me, so the album is called JoJo, my name is JoJo, so I thought it’d be called JoJo. : Ahh, ok, ok. : I did get a chance to hear your album, and I think it’s going to do real good.

JoJo: Ahh, thank you. I really appreciate that. : How is it coming along on the charts?

JoJo: Currently the single is #29 on the Pop Charts. : Oh, O.K. that’s good.

JoJo: And I believe its #30 or so on the Rhythm Cross-over Chart and it’s #2 on Country for single sales. : Ahh, ok… that’s great!

JoJo: Yeah, and this summer I’m going on tour with Usher in Europe and I’m really excited about what’s coming up for me. : You have a lot to be doing, don’t you?

JoJo: I do. (LOL) : Yeah, so who were some of the people you worked with on this album?

JoJo: I worked with people like Soulshock, Karlin who did my first single. They worked with people like Whitney Houston and Craig David. The label Muhammad Fly who worked with Christina Augilera, Britney, Jahiem, Static who did almost all of Aaliyah hits. Who else…. Brian Morgan I worked with him, I did a remake of SWV’s “Weak” and he did the original version and he also did it for me. : Ok, yeah I was going to ask you about that also.

JoJo: Yeah, so I mean the Underdogs who worked with Ruben Studdard. Who else? Ginuwine, Tyrese… a bunch of great people. So I really have a good lineup on my album. : Yeah, ok… it sounds like you do. (LOL) : Did you get a chance to write or produce any tracks?

JoJo: I did, I wrote three songs on the album, which I was really happy that Blackground let me write. : Leave “Get Out” is your latest single and is very hot, tell me how would you describe the song in your own words?

JoJo: Leave “Get Out” is kind of declaring your independence. Boys will be boys at any age, so I think all girls, all females will relate to this song. : Yeah, most definitely.

JoJo: Its just saying you expected more from your boyfriend and he wasn’t faithful to you and think this just a universal subject. : Yeah, certainly. : Have you already done the video?

JoJo: Yes, its out right now. It was on “TRL Wanna Be” for a few weeks and MTV a lot, Nickelodeon, Disney. : So, I’m just late seeing it.

JoJo: That’s ok. (LOL) : I know you probably get this a lot, but you don’t sound how you look. What do you mostly hear from people that hear you before they see you?

JoJo: Yeah, that’s what I hear; they think I’m a older African American person. : Awww, O.K.

JoJo: That’s a compliment; I’m use to it now. So I really just don’t know how to take it. : You sound great!

JoJo: Thank you so much. : I want to know what advice could you give a young woman your age that’s making their first demo that want to get in this business.

JoJo: I would just say, “Sing for anybody who’ll listen, because you never know who you’re going to sing for. You may be singing for Rodney Jerkins cousins friend and word get around, and you just never know, but never put yourself in a situation that you’re not comfortable in. Just make sure you’re comfortable first and you’re surrounded by people who love you and that care about you cause that’s were it all starts. : That’s great. : Well, wants to thank you for your time, but before we come to an end is there anything you would like to say to fans and friends?

JoJo: Just thank you so much cause I really wouldn’t be were I am without you. I see my fans at the shows and they are just so supportive and just thank you so much. I never expected this I’m just a girl from Massachusetts it’s just incredible.

Audio: Exclusive with recording artist JoJo
Label: Da Family/Blackground/Universal Recording
Thanks to Stephanie (I.E. Marketing) & Universal

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