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Avril Lavigne Does Photoshoot For Her Clothing Line Abbey Dawn

Avril Lavigne is the latest female singer who’s the face for yet another fashion line, but except this time it’s her own.  The Grammy nominated singer, recently did a photoshoot for her new clothing Abbey Dawn at the Viper Room nightclub in Los Angeles, possibly in preparation for the Spring/Summer season.

The actual announcement of Avril Lavigne fashion line was made in March of ’08 in which she teamed up with retailer Kohl’s to launch her affordable clothing line and accessories. The name for her line is stated to have come from her childhood nickname Abbey Dawn.

Clothing items from the line can be purchased at Kohl’s and ranges from $24-$48.

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  1. Thanks for the pics!

    Wanna know where she got the ‘Abbey Dawn’ nickname from (what and where the REAL Abbey Dawn is)?

    Click on my name here (it’s a link to my blog where I researched and visited the site of Abbey Dawn) or Google:
    abbey dawn origin bloggergirl

    I researched and wrote that article and even did a new version of it for the local newspaper when Avril did a concert in Kingston, near where she grew up! :)

    ~ Courtney

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