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Lindsay Lohan’s Photos For Fornarina Clothing Ad Campaign Makes Debut

Lindsay Lohan newest fashion photos have debuted online. The pop singer/actress is the face and ad girl for the Spring/Summer ad campaign for Fornarina, a girls clothing company which is based out of Italy.

It was announced sometime last May that the singer/actress would become the face for the clothing line and so far everyone’s opinion about clothing style on her has been ‘so-so.’ The photos released of Lindsay Lohan were shot at a L.A. mansion, the Stahl house.  Lohan sported Fornarina denim clothes and dresses. Check out photos from the photoshoot.

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    I pray for you Mike. I pray that Ali and your son gives you the respect you need to be peaceful after you die. Lindsay doesnt know that parents gets old everyday, Day by day they go farther from you as they are getting to thr old age. I respect you Mike, you are the greatest DAD in the world. You care for her and that is all i ever wanted. Sam is horrible, indeed she is making her to sin. Sam will dorwn lindsay in to hell. Worry about Ali more than u worry about lindsay. Lindsay is lost mike. She will return but then it will be too late. You have good kids to take care of and do not stress yourself over lindsay no more. God will help lindsay to understand. My prayers always come true. Lindsay will leave Sam and sam will go down thr drain. Sam wanted to distory her life. Look when god distorys her in worst ways.

  2. I just passed through Fornarina’s SS09 slideshow. Wa~u, Lindsay is great, gorgeous and beautiful as always. Outstanding choice of the model, Fornarina… congrats! At least in Europe there are businessmen who are not messing the work with personal life issues. Wish all the best to Lilo and huge profit to Fornarina.

  3. she looks AMAZING!!! i really like the blue top. good for her :o)

    i wish her, her career, and girlfriend all the best.

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