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Will, Jada Pinkett Smith Living Separately, Headed For Divorce?! More Details



The question plaguing everyone is rather the power couple Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith are living separately and if they are getting a divorce.

From the couples public display, everything looks great and recently in the September issue of Architectural Digest, the two spoke about their luxurious 25,000 sq ft Malibu home and how they built the house with no dead ends to create an infinite circle which portrays the hope that they have for their love.

As for now, Jada Pinkett-Smith has remained quiet about the rumors and seems to have better things to do other than address speculation of her marital relationship with her husband Will Smith.

The rumors are that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are supposedly fighting over a $530 million dollar estate and are living separately, as reported on As many know, it is common for Hollywood couples and a number of professional people to live separately while working on projects, could this simply be the case?

The 40 year-old actress, director and singer-songwriter has been married to the actor and rapper Will Smith, 43, for 14 years after their wedding back in 1997. Will and Jada Smith have two children together, boy actor and rapper Jaden, 13, and their baby girl singer Willow, 10. Will Smith has a son from a previous marriage, Trey Smith, 18.

According to son Trey Smith, who took to his twitter a couple months ago, he wrote that the divorce rumor is not true at all.


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