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Amy Winehouse

Lady Gaga MTV’s 2011 Top Newsmaker; Beyonce’s Pregnancy, Nicki Minaj, Britney Make The List



If you don’t think Lady Gaga is newsworthy, MTV will tell you different as she has been named MTV’s 2011 Top Newsmaker. Lady Gaga’s media coverage is never-ending due to her controversial fashion, appearances, TV specials, among other things and ranking no.1 in MTV‘s Top Newsmakers surely will make her little monsters proud.

The meat wearing, Born This Way, Pop singer is one of five female music artists that made the Top 10 Newsmakers list.

The newly engaged Britney Spears took the number 4 spot for turning 30. Hip-Hop artist Nicki Minaj made number 6 on the list for her breakthrough year. Beyonce took the number 9 spot for her pregnancy which gained media coverage after appearing on the red carpet at the VMA’s patting her stomach. Beyonce later revealed during her performance that she was indeed pregnant.

The number 10 spot went to the late singer Amy Winehouse who captured everyone’s ears with her soul singing and our eyes with her infamous beehive hair-do. The “Rehab” singer took the internet by storm after passing at the age of 27, as reported on

MTV’s 2011 Top Newsmakers

1. Lady Gaga Starts a Movement
2. “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” Arrives
3. Lil Wayne’s Post-Prison Takeover
4. Britney Spears Turns 30
5. Justin Bieber’s Wild Ride
6. Nicki Minaj’s Breakthrough Year
7. “Jackass” Star Ryan Dunn’s Death
8. Harry Potter Hangs Up His Wand
9. Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Reveal
10. Amy Winehouse’s Death

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