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Taylor Swift’s CoverGirl Ad Banned For Heavy Photoshop in the UK



Procter and Gamble put their foot on the brakes to stop Taylor Swift’s ad for Covergirl’s NaturalLuxce Mousse Mascara, in which they claimed excessive photoshopping was used.

On last week, Procter and Gamble confirmed to E! that the ad had been dropped in the U.K. (England) and that the National Advertising Division approved of their decision.

The National Advertising Division stated the P&G acted appropriately in discontinuing superior performance claims for the print ad campaign.

Allegedly Covergirl NaturalLuxce Mousse Mascara gives 2x more volume verses bare lashes.

From looking at advertisement, which is heavily moired and enhanced, it gives consumers the idea that their lashes will look like what is depicted in the photo.

What is your take on the ad campaign?

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