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Beyonce Gives Birth To Blue Ivy: Is This Who The Baby Looks Like?!



Photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z
Congratulations is due to Beyonce and Jay-Z. The couple welcomed their first baby to the family the other night as reported on, and guess who the baby looks like. The couple, who allegedly rented out an entire floor of NYC’s Lennox Hill Hospital, for a reported $1.3 Million, named the new baby – a girl – Blue Ivy and she reportedly looks like someone very close.

Beyonce, who reportedly checked into the hospital under the name of Ingrid Jackson, gave birth secretly with no reports of it until after the birth.

Now reports are surfacing online of who the baby looks like. Gossip media site MediaTakeOut is reporting that Beyonce’s newborn baby Blue Ivy weighed in at 7 pounds.

The report also reveals that the baby was born with a distinct “chocolate skin,” despite numerous other reports of a light-skinned baby girl.

While this report may be built off of pure speculation, another source claims that Beyonce’s baby Ivy has daddy Jay-Z’s features including his “brown” complexion, nose, ears and mouth.

So, it seems that baby Blue Ivy may be a Jay-baby instead of a Bey-baby?!


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