Beyonce’s Blue Ivy ‘Baby Bumps’ Companies With Same Name: Picture This

Photo of Beyonce pregnant baby bump
It seems that Beyonce has named her baby the same as an event planning company also named Blue Ivy and it’s causing them quite a bit of changes – some good, some not so good.

The good – the events company located in Boston, has definitely received a PR boost from Beyonce’s baby name choice of Blue Ivy. Both Google searches and tweets would and could bring up the Blue Ivy event planning company.

The bad – the company is reportedly being swamped with phone calls adding load to their work and also, according to the owner, they were bumped from 1st search results in Google for “Blue Ivy.”

According to TMZ, the Blue Ivy event planning company’s owner, Veronica Alexandra, jokes that because their company came up first in Google for “Blue Ivy” that she (Beyonce) had to know about them.

Though she’s having trouble with the load of new calls and texts, Alexandra is optimistic and hopeful of a good outcome – maybe even one that lands Blue Ivy’s face for the company.

Alexandra says “Clearly great minds think alike” and believes who would be better to plan events for baby Blue Ivy than a company called Blue Ivy.

Tell that to Blue Ivy Company & Cakery or how about Blue Ivy Solutions Inc, other companies also named the same as Beyonce’s new baby girl.

The outcome, could, of course, become much different with legal issues deriving from one or all sides. Time will tell.

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