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Beyonce’s Security-Enforced Birth Caused Man To Miss Premature Born Twins



A man from Brooklyn, NY is distraught allegedly due to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s security at the Lenox Hill hospital where the celebrity couple delivered their baby, Blue Ivy Carter, on Saturday. According to Neil Coulon, 38, he was unable to see his prematurely born twins girls due to Beyonce’s security-enforced birth at the hospital.

Coulon told the NY Daily News he was repeatedly kept from seeing his own newborn twins. who were in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) on the 6th floor by Beyonce’s security team. Coulon added that his wife’s stress tripled due to the royal treatment, which gave the setting of a nightclub. Reportedly, velvet rope was set-up in the maternity ward for Beyonce’s birth.

In addition, Coulon states his own family was removed from the waiting room by Beyonce’s bodyguards, who wore security headsets.

Allegedly, Lenox Hill Hospital was treating Beyonce’s birth like an exclusive nightclub, Coulon claims.

Neil Coulon says all he wants is an apology due to the fact there were other children in the hospital in intensive care and they took over the hospital like they owned it. As reported on, Beyonce is stated to have paid $1.3 million dollars to secure the fourth floor.

Meanwhile, a source told the paper that Beyonce gave birth on the 6th floor of the Lenox Hill hospital near the neonatal intensive care unit.

The hospital spokesperson claims that they hadn’t heard of any complaints personally, but if you ask Neil Coulon, he wasn’t the only one upset about the entire ordeal.

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