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Lindsay Lohan Taken To Hospital; Crashes Porsche Into Semi In Car Accident



Photo of Lindsay Lohan with hand on lip

Lindsay Lohan was involved in a serious car crash when her Porsche collided into a semi-trailer truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California.

The singer and actress who is currently filming the new Lifetime biopic movie “Liz & Dic” based on the life of Elizabeth Taylor was taken to the hospital along with her assistant to be treated. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Lindsay Lohan ran into the back of the semi-trailer and totaled her black Porsche.

Luckily Lindsay Lohan and her assistant escaped the wreck with a few bumps and bruises after the Porsche was severely damaged on the passenger side in which her assistant was on.

Reportedly, the young star was on her way back to her Malibu set. The cast members continue to work around her parts until Lohan returns.

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