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Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana Granola Bars Recalled In Salmonella Scare



Granola Bars bearing the face of fan-beloved teen pop sensation and teenage TV star Miley Cyrus has been recalled due to possible salmonella poison. The Disney Hannah Montana Peanut Chocolate Granola Bars are believed to have salmonella contamination and have currently been pulled from the shelves like a number of other peanut products.

According to reports, on Friday, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency along with the Peanut Corporation of America issued the recall notice after realizing it was a snack product that contained nuts like a number of other products in the widespread peanut recall. The recall on peanut products was in both the U.S. and Canada and was initiated earlier this year.

Meanwhile, reportedly there have been confirmed illnesses in Canada for those who have consumed the Hannah Montana Granola bars.

The following bars have been recalled:
Disney Hannah Montana Peanut Chocolate Granola Bar Boxes of 6 or 18 bars, 22 g each with the UPC codes 0 53847 20587 9 *, 0 53847 24451 9 *, 0 53847 20610 4 *. 1H001 through 3H365; 1J001 through 3J365; 1K001 through 3K029.

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