Fact-Checking Policy

MusiqQueen.com commits to verifying statistics and technical information by cross-checking with the documents and/or clearly stating the source of the information.

MusiqQueen.com understands the importance of approaching claims with skepticism, and upholding accuracy as best as possible. Due the increase of false viral information we have started to utilize Fact Check Tools.

Our journalist/reporters do conduct their own fact checking using their own judgment guided by the ethics policy.

The following are generally not fact checked:

  • Celebrity gossip
  • Media manipulated for entertainment purposes
  • Parody
  • Our fact-checking is looking for misinformation that could lead to certain risks such as violence and physical harm.

    If the claim, rumor or report comes from social media we will inform readers of the source.


    We will make an effort in contacting the party or their representative who the claim or allegation is about for clarification.

    In the event that the contacted source hasn’t responded or made a public statement, we will deem that claim as developing, cannot be proven, gossip or a rumor.


    MusiqQueen.com will make corrections as warranted when new evidence has been brought to our attention or after we receive a response from the party whom the claim or allegation is about.