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Awareness For W. Sahara Refugees

Hollywood to the Internet to the desert of the Sahara…

Cynthia, you there?

cynthia: Yo…sleeves are rolled up.
Mb: What are you up to today?
cynthia: Answering fan mail
Mb: How often do you do that?
cynthia: Well do you want an obsessive answer or a normal one?
Mb: lol

cynthia: About 2-3 times a week.
Mb: What do most fans write about?
cynthia: How much my voice inspires them or touches them. It’s kinda
Mb: And how do you respond?
cynthia : UH…. BUY MY CD!! Nah, kiddin’. Just that I consider it an
honour and am interested in who they are too. What brought them to the
music? What are their interests in life? And everywhere are these really
cool people doing something on this earth. Don

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