About MusiqQueen.com
MusiqQueen.com {pronounced – mu-zique queen) is an privately funded company which has been recognized for providing a unique business since 1995 which benefits Women In Music both signed and unsigned. MusiqQueen.com services allow companies as well as individuals to publish news, reviews, music, photos and more.

MusiqQueen.com is the web site dedicated for women in music to voice their opinions, post news, press releases, create a profile, add events, network with one another, and gather resources and as well mingle with the women celebrities, labels, music professionals and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the most comprehensive music website for women with up-to-date and accurate information. We try our best to educate as well as entertain our visitors and encourage them to submit their news, events, links, post opinions and more. Our goal is to make MusiqQueen.com the most reliable source of collective information for all purposes — rather it’s music or for fun catering to Women In Music.

How We Work
Based on feedback, the latest trends, and sometimes using our own imagination, we launch to Mars to find topics that would make an interesting story or article. We also search for information relating to that topic by reading books, magazines, going to events/shows, which afterwards we write about it based on what we’ve found. Copyright notices and names of authors are preserved and published when available. Any articles that do not have either a copyright notice or the name of the author are copyrighted by the respectful owner or MusiqQueen.com.

We can assure our visitors that our articles and other content are based on research from reliable sources and therefore are accurate, superior quality and can be depended upon.

The Staff at MusiqQueen.com
MusiqQueen (Charla Littlejohn) – Founder

Charla Littlejohn is the Founder of MusiqQueen.com and Co-Founder of MemphisRap.com. The first intention of MusiqQueen.com was to make it solely about herself, but because of the tremendous amount of responses and questions Littlejohn “MusiqQueen” was receiving from women as well as men from her site “NMA” which began in 1994 which promoted Memphis Artists on AOL Hometown, she decided to take it further. Charla “Littlejohn” saw the need to create a dynamic site for women and this is how MusiqQueen.com came about.

Charla “Littlejohn” has been in the music business for over twenty years starting at around the age of 3 and has participated in numerous conventions, was an assistant engineer for a studio who worked with signed and unsigned artists. She has produced, recorded music and has also done numerous marketing & promotions for artists across the globe.

Besides MusiqQueen.com, Charla (MusiqQueen) aka Littlejohn works with MemphisRap.com which is Memphis’ (Memphis, TN) largest Entertainment/Music site online. MemphisRap.com is a site which works with local unsigned and signed Memphis Rap which also includes other regional artists to support them with their upcoming careers through interviews, consultation, promotion, marketing, and more. Memphis Rap strives at being a place for local artists to network, interact with each other, and reach potential fans.

Other Contributors
Hosea Mays, Jr – Contributing Writer, Assistant Editor (RIP 2021)
Michael Douglas – Contributing Writer/Interviewer
L. Malone – Contributor

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