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R&B and Jazz Artist Tanya Fermin Releases A Special Invitation



Tanya Fermin sings about heartache, happiness and hope. A listener can often identify with the emotion instilled within
her music. There is no doubt that with one listen to her heartfelt vocals and you will be saying, “I have felt that way
too.” Personal experiences help to make Fermin’s vocals so warm and original. She has weathered many storms in her life and came through to the other side to realize an ultimate goal, recording her new album Special Invitation.

Tanya Fermin was raised in New York and North Carolina and resides in Northern California. Her natural singing talent was
realized at a very young age while performing in her local church choir. Tanya is not only a talented vocalist she is a
well versed writer, she penned 11 out of 12 tracks on her new album Special Invitation.

Her voice is rich and deep with expressiveness and those aspects come through beautifully on every track on her new album. “Love Has Taken Over Us” is sprinkled with jazz via the smooth tones of the saxophone and the in-the-backseat-groove of the bass while “Your Love Looks Good on Me” features a calypso-reggae atmosphere, as her sensual voice invites you to her island
paradise. The soulful and moving “Live the Lie,” digs down deep into the shadows of a remorseful person just dying to change, giving the listener a thing or two to think about lyrically while the music keeps you in an endless chill out of musical bliss. Other standout tracks that highlight Tanya’s special talents are “When I Get Home,” “Tea for Two” and the title track “Special Invitation.”

The listener will discover a variety of styles on Special Invitation. Her voice is so flexible and strong that it could
adapt to any genre of music without difficulty, although the choice of Jazz, R & B, Blues and Soul seem to be where she is at home with her vocal talents. Getting to know Tanya and her music is a natural thing; it is as pure as the vocal inflections found in the songs she sings. Ironically, one does not need a special invitation to enjoy the music of Tanya Fermin, just the joy of life and all its emotions are the requirements for a beautiful listening experience.

Everything is in place for this record to be a huge crossover success and Tanya Fermin is ready to meet triumph head on.

Tanya is currently on her “Java Tour,” warming up coffee houses all over Northern California in anticipation of a national tour and an invitation only CD Release Party, which will include a live concert performance.

An “invitation only” CD Release Party, which will include a live concert performance is scheduled for August 9th in Oakland. Many giveaway goodies are planned, including CD singles and T-shirts.
Requests for invitations can be obtained through the band’s e-mail address:

For more information on Tanya please visit:

Promotions: Lynette Jones 866-934-8908

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