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First Photo of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy

First Photo of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy

First Photo of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy


  1. fake baby really fake
    they pay mybe miljoen dollar to make baby good!!
    i meen
    beyonce’s dad and mam afro, and j-z dad and mam afro,
    and j-z his hare is afro, and beyonce also have different hairs everyday!!
    so where come this hair baby.. and colour!

  2. The baby looks like Beyonce’s mom and her so ever thinks this is not her baby needs to look a lil bit closer…

  3. ok first of all the reason the baby does not look like them is because its only a few months old an once it turns 1 years old its gonna come out beatiful like beyonce

  4. this is DEFINITELY her baby because if you look at the picture of her smiling and holding a baby with a full head of hair, THIS baby is EXACTLY it… it looks just like the one in the picture of Beyonce holding the child. How can{t you see that this is their baby_ It{s got beyonce{s skin color and Jay-z’s super strong lip lines connected to his nose. It looks JUST like the both of them. it{s got his mouth figure as a baby already so imagine when she grows up?????

  5. Yes, this is Beyonce and Jay-z’s baby. Beyonce is mixed race, so her baby could have a few, or many, of her features. Also, it is impossible to tell what type of hair a baby will have based on the the way a baby’s hair looks in the first few months of birth.

    My nephew’s hair looked straight dark and long like Blue Ivy’s and then changed to an afro textured hair. Lastly, a baby’s skin color is not JUST based from mom and dad’s skin, but also comes from all the baby’s ancestors, which means the baby could have been dark-skinned like Beyonce’s father, light-skinned like Beyonce’s mother, or somewhere in the middle like Jay-z. A baby’s skin tone is not similar to making chocolate milk. You can’t mix light skin with dark and expect to get middle toned skin: genetics doesn’t work that way.

    Blue Ivy will begin to take on more of the traits of her mother, father and/or ancestors as she gets older, but until then lets’s just state the obvious that she is a beautiful baby girl.

    I am happy for the Carter family, and I wish them all the best. :-)

  6. this baby is very beautiful and it is indeed beyonces baby because they look alike not as muck but thry do.

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